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Ronda Gallehue

STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor

My Story

Ronda is motivated to share how Pilates can maintain a healthy, strong, and flexible you for a lifetime. She will listen to your needs, help set your goals, and communicate with you to make every session challenging and fun.

Coming from a dance background but then moving into the corporate world left her searching for the right kind of exercise that would strengthen, but not injure the body… Pilates was the answer.  For over a decade, consistent Reformer Pilates practice has been her relief from chronic back pain and has provided restorative energy for a healthy and balanced life.

Ronda is trained in the STOTT Pilates method and has studied in Florida and California.  Whether in individual or small group settings, the aim of her programming is optimal musculoskeletal performance for her clients, focusing on strength, flexibility, and endurance without risking injury or building bulk.

Healthy movement for a lifetime.


“Ronda was exceptional, she explained everything thoroughly and made it easy to learn. She was very knowledgeable and answered all our questions about the movements and what areas they were targeting. Ronda made us feel comfortable and excited to take on something new in pilates”

Connor & Lydia

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