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Dr. Chippy

The Mindful Cardiologist

My Story

Dr. Chippy is a board-certified cardiologist with Heart Specialists of Sarasota. She heads the Dean Ornish and RENEW lifestyle medicine programs and was named Sarasota Memorial Hospital’s 2019 Physician of the Year.

From a young age she knew that she was going to be a doctor and chose a major in biochemistry – fascinated by the myriad chemical processes within the human body. The precision of cardiovascular medicine, research-based treatment protocols and immediate life-saving treatments attracted her to cardiology.

After 20 years in practice, Dr. Chippy’s focus on treating chronic disease has shifted towards lifestyle as the key to preventing, healing, and even reversing heart disease.  Love, meditation, and food are her prescription for transforming our minds and bodies. Her practice is open to people seeking the lifestyle tools to achieve optimal health. 

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