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Cinde Carroll

Certified GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Instructor, Educator and Pre-Trainer, and GYROTONIC® Certified Specialized Equipment 

STOTT PILATES® Fully Certified Instructor

Studio Owner

My Story

Cinde Carroll’s passion for fitness began at ten years old with studies in Jujitsu and dance classes. She enrolled as the only female in an elite Chinese Kempo school and exhibited such strength and technique her Sensei recommended she begin teaching advanced fitness classes to the upper rank students at the age of 16. From there, she moved on to become a ACSM and ACE certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer, frequently recruited to teach at exclusive health spas and facilities across the Chicago area. She honed her skills in corrective exercise, working with professional athletes and rehabilitating injured patients at the Gadja Sports Medical Center and became certified by the Shiatsu Institute of Oriental Medicine before moving to Florida.

Cinde was recruited to become Fitness Director at the world-class Colony Beach and Tennis Resort in Longboat Key in 1988. She sought additional certifications as an ACSM Fitness Leader and an AAHFP Exercise Medical Specialist and Post-Rehabilitation Conditioning Specialist. Her expertise led to her becoming presenter at New York City’s ACSM and Metrosports Magazine Conferences; lecturing on the topic of “Balance and Stability” in 1992.

Cinde’s continued commitment to learning, coaching and teaching led her to become certified in Stott® Pilates, TRX Suspension Training®, Aerial Yoga,  GYROTONIC® method ,  GYROTONIC® Pre/Post Natal Applications and the Level 2 Programs. She was elevated to  GYROTONIC® Pretrainer in 2014 and looks forward to evolving her education in these modalities, combining and optimizing the knowledge and experience she has attained through over three decades of study.

Her expertise in fitness, wellness, and rehabilitation exercise is extensive. She embraces a cooperative approach to physical learning, which is both precise and creative, empowers her clients to achieve optimal results and corresponding long-term benefits.


“We are so fortunate to have Cinde Carroll in our community. I have been serious about working out all my life and never have I come across a teacher such as Cinde. There is nothing she doesn’t know about the human body…you have an issue she is on it! I’ve been going to Cinde for over five years three times a week and have never had the same class twice or had an injury! I feel I am in such good hands as I grow older…”

Lynn B.

Cinde’s GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Qualifications

GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® Instructor Certification (trained with Master Trainers Anjali Austin of   GYROTONIC® Tallahassee, Lisa Marie Goodwin-Rice, Lisa Lansing of GYROTONIC® Cleveland, Elise Kaplovitz and Mariarosa Guglielmi)

  • GYROTONIC® Apprentice

  • GYROTONIC® Trainer

  • GYROTONIC® Pre-Trainer

“Cinde is an encyclopedia of fitness!”


  • GYROTONIC® Level 1 Pre-Training Course

  • GYROTONIC® Level 1 Foundation Course

  • GYROTONIC® Level 1 Final Certificate Course

  • GYROKINESIS®  Level 1 Pre-Training Course

  • GYROKINESIS®  Level 1 Foundation Course

  • GYROKINESIS® Level 1 Final Certificate Course

  • GYROTONIC® Applications For Dancers Level 1

  • GYROTONIC® Applications for the Fascial Body

  • GYROTONIC® Applications for Tennis

  • GYROTONIC® Level 2, Program 1 Pre-Training Course

  • GYROTONIC® Level 2, Program 1 Course

  • GYROTONIC® Level 2, Program 2 Pre-Training Course

  • GYROTONIC® Level 2, Program 2 Course

  • GYROTONIC® Level 1 Update Course

  • GYROTONIC® Jumping-Stretching Board Course

  • GYROTONIC® Leg Extension Unit Course

  • GYROTONIC® Level 2 Beginner Course

  • GYROKINESIS® Rejuvenation Course

  • GYROKINESIS® Level 1 Update Course

  • GYROTONIC® Pre-Trainer Update Course

  • GYROKINESIS® Pre-Trainer Update Course

  • GYROTONIC® Applications for Pre-Post Natal (legacy)

Advanced Certifications, Specialty Training/Education

  • Stott Pilates™ Essential, Intensive Level, and Injury and Specialty Certifications(training under Moira Merrithew in Canada)

  • Injury and Specialty Populations (ISP) Certification

  • TRX Suspension Trainer

  • Kai (dance and somatic movement) with Kelly Atkins, Kai Master, and Nia Black Belt

  • American Academy of Health and Fitness (AAHFP) – Exercise Medical Specialist and Post-Rehabilitation Conditioning Specialist

  • Shiatsu Practitioner Certification

  • Bosu Ball and Balance Training

  • American Council of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Fitness Leader

  • American Council of Exercise (ACE) Personal Trainer Certification

  • American Council of Exercise (ACE) Group Instructor Certification

  • Member of International Strength and Conditioning Association

  • Martial Arts – Kenpo, Modern Arnis, Kosho-Shorei, Judo

  • Dance – Ballroom, Hip-Hop, Tap, Modern Jazz, etc.

  • Yoga/Aerial Yoga

  • Nutrition Workshops

  • National Posture Institute training

  • LeBarre training

  • Bodybuilding competitor

  • Children’s Fitness Programs

  • Aquatic Aerobics

  • Fitness Boot Camp

  • Circuit Training

  • Stability Training

  • Cardiovascular Work

  • Cycling/Spinning Instructor

  • Cross Training/Traditional Weight Training

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