Cinde Carroll

Cinde Carroll


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Nutritional Services

Provided by our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Karen A. Reynolds

Comprehensive Nutrition Assessment 488766-HealthyHeart

A 90 minute comprehensive evaluation of you. It’s not just about the numbers on your lab results or even the number on the scale, it’s about all of you. I take an integrative approach and look at your health history, lifestyle, food sensitivities, nutrient deficiencies, digestive issues, exercise, sleep and emotional wellbeing.

I look for the root cause to your problem and integrate nutritional therapies including whole foods, supplements, and mind-body modalities. We work together to heal you from the inside out.

If conventional medicine hasn’t solved your nutritional problems than it’s time for a change. Come work with me to develop good nutrition and lifestyle practices that will put you on a path to health and wellness.

Follow-Up Coaching

We dig deeper into what is holding you back from achieving your health goals. We look at your challenges, problems and tweak your initial plan. By working together to overcome your problem areas, focusing on the successes and using the mistakes to move forward we achieve your goals. I am at your side coaching, teaching and motivating you to stay the course.

Healthy Body Makeover

Isn’t it time to get the Body you’ve been working for?
Perhaps you feel confused or overwhelmed by all the diet myths. Chances are if you’re reading this, you’re looking to rid yourself of that muffin top or fit comfortably in your jeans. I can help!

I know what it takes to get results. It’s a combination of movement and exercise that is the key to transforming your body. It’s about your metabolism, hormones, lifestyle factors that impact your health NOT the number on that scale.
I can help you listen to your body to find out the root cause of the problem and then fix it.
Work with me and I will coach, educate and walk you through your customized nutrition and exercise plan.

Body Composition Analysis

Find out your true inner health!  This professional scale uses bio-electrical impedance analysis technology (BIA) which can distinguish between fat and the pounds that come from lean body mass or muscle. It measures body fat, visceral fat (that excessive fat found deep in the abdominal area), metabolic age, basal metabolic rate and much more. An evaluation and recommendations to improve your health and wellbeing will be provided at this session.