Cinde Carroll

Cinde Carroll


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Cinde Carroll


Studio Owner, Certified Instructor & Pre-trainer

Cinde is interested in body mechanics and has the innate ability through her training to understand movement and the adjustments that can be made to allow for more mobility and ease. Her knowledge and passion has deepened as the research and technology of fitness has evolved. Cinde is eminently qualified and is a well loved teacher. 

Fitness begins inside the body and is a somatic experience that requires alignment of mind and body, what Cinde calls “mindful movement.” Cinde says, “Often when we experience an injury or other trauma, or simply through the course of living and aging, our bodies change in ways that our mind does not immediately recognize.” When working with clients, Cinde recognizes the patterns that need to change. This allows her to consistently get the very best results for both beginners and advanced students and professionals.

Fitness plans are specifically tailored to each individual’s needs and fitness goals. They are designed to be easily understood and implemented, increasing long-term benefits.

Cinde’s goal is to be a guide on this journey of fitness and self-exploration and to support and inspire clients to a new level of “pain free” body awareness that leads to greater overall strength and conditioning — physical transformation from the inside out.

Since 1975, Cinde has worked with clients from all walks of life seeking better health and fitness. These include beginning students, professional athletes, performers, celebrities, dancers, other exercise professionals, and individuals with injuries or special needs requiring rehabilitation. She holds numerous certifications and has had extensive training in several modalities (listed below), all of which have served to deepen her understanding of body mechanics and add to her repertoire of resources available to help her clients listen to their bodies and create new patterns of movement that promote long-term strength, flexibility, and overall wellness.


  • Stott Pilates™ Essential and Intensive Level and Injury and Specialty Certifications (training under Moira Merrithew in Canada)
  • Injury and Specialty Populations (ISP) Certification
  • GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® Instructor Certification (trained with Master Trainers Anjali Austin of GYROTONIC® Tallahassee, Lisa Marie Goodwin-Rice, Lisa Lansing of GYROTONIC® Cleveland, Elise Kaplovitz and Mariarosa Guglielmi)
  • GYROTONIC® Pre-trainer
  • GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® Level 2 Certification
  • GYROTONIC® prenatal and postnatal training certification
  • GYROKINESIS® Instructor Certification
  • American Council of Exercise (ACE) Personal Trainer Certification
  • American Council of Exercise (ACE) Group Instructor Certification
  • Kai (dance and somatic movement) with Kelly Atkins, Kai Master and Nia Black Belt
  • American Academy of Health and Fitness (AAHFP) Exercise Medical Specialist and Post-Rehabilitation Conditioning Specialist
  • American Council of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Fitness Leader
  • Shiatsu Practitioner Certification
  • TRX Suspension Trainer
  • Member of International Strength and Conditioning Association


Selected Experience

  • Former owner, CCFIT/Cinde Carroll Fitness and Pilates Studio, Sarasota
  • Former Fitness Director at the world-class Colony Beach and Tennis Resort, Longboat Key, Florida
  • Worked in the Chicago area as an athletic and corrective exercise trainer at a sports rehab clinic and at exclusive health spas and fitness centers
  • Presented and lectured for the American Council of Sports Medicine and Metrosports Magazine in New York City
  • Continue to offer individual and group instruction, and travel nationwide presenting workshops and seminars to other trainers and health professionals


Additional Training

  • Martial Arts:  Kenpo, Modern Arnis, Kosho-Shorei, Judo
  • Dance: Ballroom, Hip-Hop, Tap, Modern Jazz, etc
  • Cycling/Spinning Instructor
  • Yoga/Aerial Yoga
  • Nutrition Workshops
  • Bodybuilding Competitor
  • LeBarre training
  • Children’s Fitness Programs
  • Aquatic Aerobics
  • Fitness Boot Camp
  • Circuit Training
  • Stability Training
  • Bosu Ball and Balance Training 
  • National Posture Institute training
  • Cardiovascular Work
  • Cross Training/Traditional Weight Training cindeGYRO